Margaux Joffe 2007-2008

Margaux Joffe graduated from Duke in 2006 with a major in literature and media studies and a Certificate in Film, Video, & Digital. Like the other two Hine fellows this year, she has been awarded numerous grants and awards for her documentary pursuits. In addition to two documentary videos, she has also completed several fictional videos under the name of her company, Margaux Eve Productions, and has published papers on the hip-hop movement in Cuba. For the past year, she has been working as a teacher in the Dominican Republic, teaching a variety of courses, including social studies and photography.

“I believe that creative mediums such as photography are excellent ways for young people to share their unique views of the world and develop the important skills of self-expression,” she says.

Margaux worked with the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation in Boston. When JPNDC was founded thirty years ago, the Jamaica Plain neighborhood was dismal, with much abandoned housing and few businesses. In the years since, the JPNDC has steadily grown and developed the neighborhood in radical and impressive ways, but the downside is that Jamaica Plain has become a very desirable place to live. As is happening in communities throughout Boston, it is being quickly gentrified, with rents and housing prices increasing to rates that were previously unimaginable for the area.

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