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Seven Years of Lewis Hine Fellowships in Boston

by 2013-2014 Hine Fellow Natalie Minik

I am the city.

Explore the online version of a book produced by youth from all over Brooklyn through photography workshops with Hine Fellow Lauren Henschel and co-teacher Todd Drake at the Red Hook Community Justice Center:

Roxanne R Campbell 2017-2018

Roxanne R Campbell is a visual artist and media maker. Born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Campbell’s work is heavily influenced by memories of her childhood and her interest in the black diasporic experience, particularly in Jamaica, Haiti, and the United States. Campbell earned her MFA from Duke University in Experimental […]

Jonna McKone 2017-2018

“What’s explained can be denied, but what’s felt can’t be forgotten” — Charles Bowden. Jonna McKone’s work explores the way traces of the past become extensions of the present, sometimes grafted onto places or personal stories in ways that remain unseen, hardly seen, misunderstood or buried.  With a sense of place and research, her work […]

Lauren Mueller 2017-2018

Lauren Mueller is a documentary filmmaker and a recent graduate of the Masters of Fine Arts in Experimental and Documentary Arts at Duke University. She is the recipient of the 2016 Kodak Student Scholarship Gold Award for her docu-fiction piece, The Gibbons of Santa Clarita, which Lauren developed into a feature-length film titled, Huro Huro. For Lauren, documentary filmmaking is instrumental […]

Rahima Rahi 2017-2018

The multimedia art of Rahima Rahi (she/he/they) functions as a continuous experiment with form, relationships, theory, and identity. Her work spans autobiography, collaborative social documentary, experimental video, installation, reflective/theoretical discourse, and text-based approaches. In her work, Rahi experiments with ways to effectively shift the power she holds as a filmmaker over to the community, while […]

Lauren Henschel Receives Funding to Extend Fellowship Project

2016-2017 Hine Fellow Lauren Henschel has received funding to continue her fellowship project through 2018. Henschel’s project was a digital photography course at the Red Hook Community Justice Center in Brooklyn, NY which used photography as a medium to understand identity, community and the world around us. The class was taught to 11 South Brooklyn youth and culminated in a book and […]

Jenny Stratton receives Volunteer Award

Congratulations to Jenny Stratton, who was given an “Inspirational Leadership” award by partner organization Children’s Aid and Family Services of New Jersey. The award recognized her for her “positive impact with our clients and all of us” at CAFS.  

Apply for the 2017-18 Lewis Hine Fellowship!

Applications are now being accepted for the 2017-18 Lewis Hine Documentary Fellows Program at the Center for Documentary Studies.  The Hine Fellows Program is offering three ten-month fellowships for 2017-18 in the New York City area. The application deadline is 5 p.m., EST, Monday, March 20, 2017. Apply via slideroom here. For more information, please visit Becoming a Hine Fellow.  Applicants may […]

Kamal Badhey part of “Loving Blackness” exhibit in Philadelphia

Congratulations to Kamal Badhey–her project “Pose” is featured in the Loving Blackness exhibit at the Asian Arts Initiative in Philadelphia. Opening February 3, up through April 21.  

A Reminder

by Jenny Stratton In Dr. Robert “Bob” Jones’ office hangs a painting of a mother and child. In this painting, titled “Comfort” by Amanda Dunbar, a mother holds her child close; both mother and child are wearing white dresses and their heads are turned so that neither face is visible. The heavy brush strokes of […]

Nick Pilarski presents Hine Fellowship work at Duke

2015-2016 Hine Fellow Nicholas Pilarski will present his ongoing collaboration with the Brownsville Community Justice Center at Duke University today!

Kamal Badhey 2016-2017

Kamal Badhey is a photographer, educator and visual urbanist from New York.   She has focused on ideas of dispersal, diaspora and origin pilgrimages, using photography and the narratives of places, people, and objects to stitch together stories. Her work and sense of home follows the childhood saying told to her in Telugu, ’Katha kanchiki, manam […]

Lauren Henschel 2016-2017

Lauren sees documentary arts as a catalyst for empathy. Diagnosed in 2009 with psoriatic arthritis, a painful autoimmune disease, she turned to her art as an escape.  Instead she discovered a way to express her struggle, and people listened. Lauren’s journey through pain inspired her to turn her lens and soul outward – attempting to […]

Jenny Stratton 2016-2017

We photograph from who we are. Jenny Jacklin Stratton’s work springs largely from her migratory upbringing in the Naval Special Warfare community. Over the years her inclination to know more about her own family and surroundings has evolved into a means to engage deeply and share stories with others. Her work often involves long-form collaborations; […]

Introducing the 2016-2017 Lewis Hine Documentary Fellows!

We’re excited to announce that Kamal Badhey, Lauren Henschel, and Jenny Stratton will be the 2016-2017 Lewis Hine Documentary Fellows in New York City. Read more about the Fellows and where they’ll be working on the CDS Porch blog.

With Great Appreciation to WILFREDO PEDRERO

by Brenna Cukier “Describe Freddie in one word.” This was the question I asked all of Freddie’s nearest and dearest, AKA: his co-workers at the Center for Family Life in Sunset Park. Each time, the recipient of the question took a moment to reflect before carefully selecting a word. These were a few of their […]


By Laura Doggett Etta, pointing at a hole in a tree in the forest: “Look, the owl lives there. It might be a home. It looks like a home. It’s nice and deep and hollow. It’s very brown and earthy. We kind of share the same home because we live together on the same earth… but, […]

Super Freddie

By Brenna Cukier “Here, that’s Fu Manchu…you know him? And that’s Spock from the Starship Enterprise…just came out of my head. This one I didn’t get to finish…” Two tan and weathered hands flick through a stack of pen drawings on printing paper. “This is our co-worker…she doesn’t work with us any more. This is Wonder […]


By Nicholas Pilarski I bike twenty-four blocks from my apartment in Flatbush to the housing developments of Brownsville. While riding, I watch the sun slowly rise, back-lighting the monolithic buildings that lay to the east. As light passes through the nation’s largest network of affordable housing developments, shadows divide the streets into a complex crosshatch of […]

Brenna Cukier 2015-2016

Brenna was born in Tempe, Arizona but moved to Auckland, New Zealand at age ten. She received her B.A. in journalism as a Robertson Scholar at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she reported for the student newscast for two years until she became the executive producer. During her sophomore year, she participated […]

Laura Doggett 2015-2016

Laura is a community artist and educator who believes in the transformative power of creative expression and storytelling in the lives of young people. She has spent much of the past twenty years creating opportunities for girls to be heard in their own voices. Through video, audio, writing, theater and visual arts, Laura has worked […]

Nicholas Pilarski 2015-2016

Nicholas aims to create art that facilitates a space for development and growth through documentary practice. His work focuses on issues that surround social and economic marginalization He uses collaborative art-making approaches that engage with individuals and communities to create dialogue through self-expression. With experience working in music, theater, and film, Nicholas uses a multidisciplinary approach to inform […]

Hine Fellows Exhibit at Photoville 2015

This week, 2014-15 Hine Fellows Amanda Berg and Sarah Stacke will be presenting their fellowship work at Photoville in NYC, alongside photographs from former Fellows Noah Hendler, Kate Joyce, Emma Raynes, and Amanda Van Scoyoc. If you’re local, we hope to see you there!