Lucy Wilson 2003-2004

Lucy Wilson graduated from Duke in 2001 with a major in public policy studies. After graduation, Lucy lived in Ghana, where she worked for the United States Refugee Resettlement Program – Overseas Processing Entity (OPE), interviewing refugees throughout West Africa and leading circuit rides for the OPE field team.

While at Duke, Lucy initiated Teaching Together, Learning Together, a partnership between Duke professors and Durham public school teachers. She was also a research assistant with CARE’s Office of Public Policy and Governmental Relations, where she worked on a public advocacy campaign to increase international family-planning funding. As part of her coursework at the Center for Documentary Studies, she photographed a Nigerian family living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

As a Lewis Hine Fellow, Lucy worked with KIWAKKUKI, a local non-governmental organization in northern Tanzania. KIWAKKUKI, an acronym for the Swahili, involves women fighting against AIDS in Kilimanjaro. This organization is developing programs to create awareness of orphans and vulnerable children’s rights, and creating counseling services for children and families affected by HIV/AIDS.

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