Elliott Golden 2018-2019

Elliott Golden is a photographer and documentary filmmaker from Princeton, New Jersey. He is a recent graduate of Duke University with a BA in Global Cultural Studies and a certificate in Documentary Studies.

Elliott spent much of his undergraduate career studying the intersection of cultural theory and artistic practice. His documentary capstone film, “It’s Not Cuba, It’s Red,” supported by the John Hope Franklin Award, documented the work of contemporary artists in Havana and their views on the relationship between art, creativity, and the landscape of late socialist Cuba. His senior thesis, “Smoking’s Hereafter: Theorizing Post-Cigarette America,” winner of the Bascom Headen Plamer Literary Prize, contextualized the advent of the electronic cigarette and its media representation within the long saga of America’s love affair with tobacco, nicotine, and the photographic image.

In between the other stuff of life, Elliott enjoys playing basketball and guitar with friends, both at a middling level.

“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work and learn in the Hine Fellowship’s tradition of socially minded documentary. This is a tremendous chance to develop a practice committed to collaborative expression and community engagement.”

Elliott will be working with the West Brooklyn Community Highschool, one of Good Shepherd ServicesPartnership Schools.