Elaine Menotti 2000-2001, Hart Fellow

Elaine Menotti was a Hart Fellow in Honduras in 2000-2001, working with the Christian Children’s Fund-Honduras on the Bernard van Leer Foundation’s Effectiveness Initiative on Early Child Development Programs. She worked on sustainable development projects with a focus on women and children, helping to gather and look at qualitative research on CCF-Honduras’ programming on a community level, which trains village women in concepts of child development, resilience and public health.

Elaine graduated from Duke in 1999. At Duke, Elaine was an intern for Service Opportunities in Leadership, a component of the Hart Leadership Program. Her internship included working on a sustainable public health project in Honduras and working with grassroots organizations in Nicaragua. Following her Hart Fellowship, Elaine worked for an additional six months with CCF, then returned to Washington, DC to work with the nonprofit organization, Turning the Page. She then completed a Master of Public Health degree at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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