Meg Hendrickson 2000-2001, Hart Fellow

Meg Hendrickson was a Hart Fellow based in Mexico City, Mexico from 2000-01. Meg worked with Colectivo Mexicano de Apoyo a la Ninez (COMEXANI), an advocacy organization that works to promote children’s rights in Mexico, with special attention to marginalized youths. She worked on a documentary project with street children in Mexico City called “A Look Towards the Streets: Using Documentary Photography to Work with Street Youths.”

Meg graduated from Duke in December 1999 with a major in Public Policy and a minor in Spanish. During the fall 1997 semester she studied abroad in La Paz, Bolivia, where she had the opportunity to work with urban-indigenous women and issues of domestic violence. She also worked at the Christian Commission for Development (CCD) in Honduras, which focuses on capacity-building in communities. CCD sponsors programs in sustainable agriculture, alternative credit, community organizing, literacy training, community health care, gender awareness, and the rescue of cultural identity. After her Hart Fellowship, Meg served as Program Coordinator of the Hart Fellows Program. She then went on to pursue a Master of Science in Foreign Service Program at Georgetown University, concentrating in International Development and Latin American Studies, with Certificates in Development Management and Refugee and Humanitarian Crises.

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