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Eric Gottesman 1999-2000, Hart Fellow


Eric Gottesman was a Hart Fellow with Save the Children-US in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 1999-2000. Initially, he documented the potential famine in the Somali Region of southeastern Ethiopia and helped produce reports that led to USAID allocating $2 million to Save the Children for emergency assistance. During the second part of his fellowship, he produced […]

Noah Hendler 1996-1997, Hart Fellow


              Noah Hendler worked as a 1996-97 Hart Fellow in Rwanda and Malawi with Save the Children-US. During his fellowship, he photographed child-headed households in Rwanda and the impact of AIDS in Malawi. He used his work to create advocacy materials that have been exhibited and published internationally. His work has […]

Craig Cohen 1996-1997, Hart Fellow

Craig Cohen was a Hart Fellow  in Rwanda and Malawi with Save the Children-US from 1996-97 working with child-headed households, and from 1997-98 completed a second Hart Fellowship with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva, Switzerland. He worked closely on his projects with photographer Noah Hendler. After completing his fellowships, Craig published his writing on […]