Sarah Chasnovitz 2001-2002, Hart Fellow


In 2001–2002, Sarah Chasnovitz worked as a Hart Fellow for the Foundation for Community Work (FCW) in Cape Town, South Africa. Sarah worked with FCW’s Family in Focus program, an outreach initiative dedicated to enriching family life through child and parent education. As a result of years of apartheid and economic deprivation, family life in many Camp Town townships has been severly affected. In conjunction with local staff, Sarah conceptualized and developed a community radio series. The series featured informational segments and personal narratives that focus on good parenting strategies and early childhood education. The series is fully staffed by community members, all of whom have received training to be hosts, commentators, and interviewers.

In fall 2002, Sarah was in residence at the Center for Documentary Studies as part of the Lewis Hine Documentary Fellows Program where she further edited portions of the radio series and wrote the story of its development and community impact.

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