Alex Fattal 2002-2003

Alex Fattal graduated from Duke in 2001 with a major in comparative area studies. Alex is a photographer who has made images of rural family life in Russia, Cuba, and most recently, in Colombia on a Fulbright Fellowship. During his time in Colombia, Alex also collaborated with local NGOs on programming related to issues of sustainable development and children’s rights. His work in Colombia was also supported by the AJA Project.

Prior to these experiences, Alex helped organize a theatre advocacy group with the Southern Africa Environment Project in Cape Town, South Africa, and worked as a social services caseworker in New Mexico resettling refugees. His background in working with children includes time spent as a teacher and counselor for New York City adolescents, as a Literacy through Photography curriculum teacher in Durham, North Carolina, and as the founder and coordinator of a tutoring program for children living at the Genesis Home in Durham, North Carolina.

As a Lewis Hine Fellow, Alex worked with the Children’s Rights Centre in Durban, South Africa.

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