Natalie Minik 2013-2014

Natalie Minik graduated from Duke University with an MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts in 2013. Her commitment to documentary practice started nine years ago at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies where she studied documentary writing. Since her introduction to the field, she has branched out into photography, moving image and multimedia approaches to storytelling. As a student in the MFA program, she combined photography, audio interviews and moving image to consider women’s lives in relation to their responsibilities and to their dreams. Additionally, she is co-founder of One, One Thousand | A Publication of Southern Photography.

About being a Lewis Hine Documentary Fellow Natalie says, “What excites me about this Hine Fellowship is the chance to honor the stories others have already created by using the documentary arts to get to another level of understanding. The Hine Fellowship legacy is broad and impressive, and I am thrilled to revisit moments in its history, to look back but also to look at the contemporary lives of the people and organizations portrayed. My hope is to create work that shows how documentary can help to give perspective to our lives, and to create pieces that foster a sense of shared community in Boston and beyond.”