Indaia Whitcombe 2011-2012

Indaia Whitcombe, a graduate in sociocultural anthropology from Bennington College in Vermont, brings to the Hine fellowship a strong commitment to and impressive experience with humanitarian causes. Over the last six years, Indaia has helped educate young people about HIV/AIDS in Kenya, worked with the Hopi through a Headstart program in Arizona, conducted fieldwork with Berber agropasturalists in Morocco, and worked as a teacher in Namibia and, most recently, in India. She has brought her photographic eye to all of these experiences. Over the last year, she has been working toward her certificate in documentary studies at Duke, concentrating on photography and audio. Indaia will work with the South Boston Boys and Girls Club. She says, “This fellowship would in every way support and contribute to my future goals: to create documentary work that is concerned with the betterment of humanity; illuminate issues that have been overlooked or unrealized; and in doing so, to encourage necessary action for change.”